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The First Rock Salt Mine in Canada
Malagash Salt Miners' Museum
Malagash , Nova Scotia


   The story of the first
salt mine in Canada is the
story of the first salt mine
in the British Commonwealth,
the story of the Malagash
Salt Mine in Nova Scotia.
   This Community Memories
Exhibit describes the early
days of Malagash, the
history of the salt mine from

1918 through 1959 and the
impact of the first rock salt
mine in Canada on Malagash
and its surrounding
communities. The Malagash
Salt Mine was the major
source of employment in the
area for more than forty
   The story is told by

Malagash residents who
remember growing up in the
community and working in the
salt mine. Their stories of
exploring the mine are
illustrated by black and
white photos and documents,
extracts from audio
interviews and a unique video
clip of mining underground in


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