Sutton, Border Town
In the middle of a leafy field at the foot of the mountains, a small white marker indicates the Canada-U.S. border.

Sutton, Border Town

Heritage Sutton Historical Society 2023

Sutton shares its southern border with Vermont, a boundary that’s mostly identified with a simple marker in the middle of a grandiose landscape. Through archival documents as well as audio and video testimonials, this virtual exhibition highlights the social, economic and cultural impacts of this proximity and shows how the residents’ relationship with the border has been shaped by the policies and events — wars, slavery, immigration, prohibition, and economic realities — that have marked the last two centuries.

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Gilles Gauthier
Jeanne Morazain


French writer

Jeanne Morazain

French editor

Nicole Beaudry
Nicole Michaud

English editor

Lynda Graham

Comparative editor

Jeanne Morazain
Gilles Gauthier
Ken Whittingham


English translator

Ken Whittingham


Video shooting

Stéphane Barsalou
Martin Morissette
Louis-Charles Pilon


Gilles Gauthier

Project management

Lise Lévesque

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