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From The Bow Of The Minto
Arrow Lakes Historical Society
Nakusp , British Columbia


   The harshness and sheer
remoteness of the Klondike
failed to deter prospectors
in their quest to reach the
announced fabulous goldfields
of the region in 1897. Lured
by any development connected
with mineral resources, the
CPR used coastal steamers to
run up to Alaska in an effort

to ship the thousands of men
in need of transport to the
north. In addition, the CPR
began construction of
sternwheelers at Vancouver to
eventually run on the Stikine
River. Fresh off their
vigorous boat-building
engagements in the Kootenay,
Captain Troupe and Thomas

Bulger were called upon to
oversee the construction of
several sternwheelers. Two
of these vessels the Minto
and Moyie were nearly
identical. Before
construction reached a
critical point, the gold rush
had calmed, and the CPR
decided not to proceed with

the project. Instead, the
prefabricated parts of the
ships were sent to Nakusp and
Nelson respectively.
   The Minto, launched on
November 19, 1898 at the
Nakusp shipyard, became part
of a fleet that included the
Rossland, Kootenay, Trail,
Lytton, and the

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