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Restoration of Lester-Garland House
Trinity Museum
Trinity , Newfoundland and Labrador


   The Trinity Community
Memories project tells the
story of the Lester-Garland
House, its reconstruction,
between September 30, 1996
and June 21, 1997 and the use
of the facility since itís
opening on June 25, 1997.
   Included is a history of
the early wooden house from

1738 to 1764, the building of
the first brick house in
Newfoundland in the period
1764 to 1766, its
from a 2 Ĺ to a 3 storey home
in 1819, the destruction of
this home in the mid-1960's
and the reconstruction of it
in 1996/97.

   Todayís house is used as
a Museum and Learning Centre,
which consists of a classroom
and the Trinity Historical
Society Archives. The museum
portion of the house is
located on the first and a
part of the second floor and
is furnished, in the bedroom,
dining room and kitchen with

pieces of the period.
   The former living room
area now shows the earlier
(1738) brick hearth and stone
fireplace and has a
collection/interpretation of
the destruction and
reconstruction of the 1819
house. Photographs of the

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