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Treasures from Trunks: The Story of the Dugald Ladies Fashion Review
Costume Museum of Canada
Dugald , Manitoba


   This exhibition describes
how a group of rural Manitoba
women chose the feminine
vehicles of clothing and
accessories to ensure that
the histories of their
families and that of their
community would not be lost.
Calling themselves the Dugald
Ladies Fashion Review, they

gathered garments their
forbears had lovingly created
or purchased for special
occasions. These precious
articles, passed from
generation to generation,
reflect the lives of their
owners as well as the social
history of the wider society
of the time. While most of

the women who began this
project over 50 years ago
have now passed away, the
images and the words they
have left behind will live

   Items featured in this
exhibit are mainly drawn from
the collection of the Costume
Museum of Canada and the
holdings of the Costume
Museum of Canada Archives,
which include the records of
the Dugald Ladies Fashion
Review. We also wish to thank

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