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100 Years of Transportation in Lanigan and District
Lanigan & District Heritage Centre
Lanigan , Saskatchewan


   Lanigan, Saskatchewan sits
in the midst of a peaceful
landscape of rolling prairie
grass, poplar bluffs and
northern bush scarred only by
the deep tracks and
intertwining paths of the
once abundant prairie
buffalo. The surrounding area
teems with wildlife even

today and while there are
still few nearby roads, the
town borders on the Carlton
Trail, the main
transportation route through
the Canadian northwest during
the early 1900s.
   Although at first it was
accessible only by foot, oxen
or horse teams with light

wagons, Lanigan's role as a
junction was enough to draw
early settlers and
tradespeople from many
places. Visitors and supplies
travelled from railway
stations as far away as
Regina 125 miles to the
south, Davidson 80 miles to
the southwest, Watson 40

miles to the northeast and
Humboldt 30 miles to the
north. These were winding,
meandering trips that lasted
for several days.
   This exhibition depicts
how travelers of the time
endured these arduous treks
and focuses on how
transportation in the region

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