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Mennonite Memories of Pelee Island, Ontario, 1925-1950

Butchering Day at the Konrad home on Parsons Road
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The well on the Henry Cornies farm
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Henry Cornies' GMC
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Jake Gossen's Ford
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Ewald Wiebe's GMC
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The Klassen home on the West Side
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Four Pelee musicians
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At the Ewald and Elizabeth Wiebe home
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A group of young people singing at the Jacob Dick home
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John Wiebe, Maria Wiebe, Anna Wiebe with guests at the Wiebe home on Henderson Road
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Group of men on the Jacob Konrad farm; an Essex car can be seen on the right
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Young men gathered at double house on a Sunday afternoon
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Jacob Gossen and cousin Nick Wiens smoking next to Nick's Dodge car
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Ben Konrad, Abe Konrad, Jake Gossen & Nick Wiens sitting on a log at the beach on a Sunday afternoon
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Bicycles were the main mode of transportation during the Mennonites' first years on the Island
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Friends Nick Wiens, Abe Konrad, Jake Gossen and John Taves
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Smoke break
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Parsons Road double house on a Sunday afternoon
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