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The Leprosy of Tracadie

Joseph Marie Paquet, Vicar-General of the diocese of Chatham
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Joseph Auguste Babineau, 3rd pastor of Tracadie
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Joseph Marie Levasseur, 4th pastor of Tracadie
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First Bureau of Health in New Brunswick, Canada
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Labillois, Charles Marie, doctor at the lazaretto
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Doctor Nicholson James, first specialist doctor in the lazaretto
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Doctor Alfred Corbett Smith, first resident doctor at Tracadie
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Langis, Joseph Antoine, 3rd doctor of the lazaretto
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Ryan, Walter Thomas, 4th doctor at the lazaretto
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Robichaud, Aldoria, last doctor at the lazaretto
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Doctor Joseph Charles Taché, Deputy Minister of the Department of Agriculture, Federal Government
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Mother Marie  Pagé, founder and superior of the lazaretto at Tracadie
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Sister Delphine Brault, founder of the lazaretto at Tracadie
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Sister St Jean de Goto, founder of the lazaretto at  Tracadie
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Sister Eulalie Quesnel
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Lepers at the lazaretto of Tracadie
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The lazaretto in the days of doctor Robert Gordon
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To the memory of Jean Baptiste, son of Marguerite Robichaud
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