Logo for the Sherbrooke Vert et Or.


Sherbrooke is a university that resides in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Sherbrooke started their football operations in l971, when they were known as the Sherbrooke Estrien which translates into Townships in english.

During the 1972 season, Sherbrooke decided to change their name from the Sherbrooke Estrien to the name that they are currently using right now. From that season forward they were known as the Sherbrooke Vert et Or (Green and Gold).


During the 1970s, Sherbrooke played in the short lived Quebec Universities Athletic Association (QUAA), as they were in the same division as College Militaire Royale, Macdonald College, and Universite du Quebec a Montreal just to name a few.

The Vert et Or only lasted three seasons in the QUAA. The reason why it was so short lived was because some of the Quebec universities shifted philosophies. The francophone universities decided it was best to place an emphasis on involvement on the community and intramural athletic, instead of collegiate athletics, so with that decision, Sherbrooke decided to cease the football operations at the university.


Sherbrooke decided that another shift in philosophies should take place. So in 2003 Sherbrooke decided to return to intramural sports, and had mixed success on the football field so far. From the time, Sherbrooke returned, the Vert et Or made the playoffs four times. The only playoff game that they won was in 2010, when Sherbrooke defeated the University of Montreal in the semi-finals. Ultimately, Sherbrooke lost to Laval in the Dunsmore Cup, and was denied the chance to become Quebec champions. Recently this past season, Sherbrooke (7-3 in 2011) hosted their first playoff game in school history. Once again against the University of Montreal (7-3 in 2011), in which they lost their semi-final game 33-15.