Letter from Sister Reid and pharmacy book
Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada


Excerpt from the introduction of a collection of formulas of medical preparations written by sister Monique Reid

"To our beloved sisters founders of the Hôtel- Dieu of Tracadie, New Brunswick

Honourable and dear sisters,

I'm counting on your charity to excuse my boldness with which I dare to offer you this humble manuscript. I do not have the pretention of praising this work. You will all be easily able to convince yourselves that this is but an attempt or rather a rough draft of a collection in which I've attempted to gather the formulas of the most used medical preparations. They demand to be put in order by a mind and penmenship more skilled than mine. A great number of those formulas were taken from ancient manuscripts that we keep here as family relics.

By offering my humble work as a souvenir of an old and dear Hôtel- Dieu, I believe that by doing so, it will not be disregarded. This humble book will be more fortunate than me. It will have the honour of accompanying you to Tracadie and will hopefully serve in your hands to procure relief for a few of your dear lepers.

Would I admit it to you? that by writing for you, I dare to comfort myself in the hope to share your solitude, your poverty and your devotion with them in this future hospital!

Presumptious thought! The Almighty has chosen more worthy of such a beautiful sacrifice. May his Holy name be blessed and His will be accomplished forever!"

Short biography

Sister Monique Reid

Sister Monique was born in the region of Montreal in 1823. She lost her mother at a very young age, Her father died only a few years later. At that time, she became a boarder in the care of the sisters of "la Congregation Notre Dame" where she received her education. A series of circumstances lead her to ask for admission to the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph nunnery at the age of 24. She would make her vows in 1861.

The pharmacy immediately became her place of work as a pharmacist for 30 years. During the departure, sister Reid had a great desire to be part of the missionaries leaving with the founders departing for Tracadie in 1868. As she was not chosen, she wrote a manuscript that gathered formulas for medical preparations for the pharmaceutical service at the lepers hospital.

She would, however, be named as mother superior to replace sister Marie Pagé a year later in the young community of Tracadie. Sister Reid would return to the head convent in Montreal in 1876 where she died on October 22nd, 1882.


A medicine cabinet
Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada


Classifying pharmaceutical products


Scale, Mortar, spatula, medical products
Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada


Precision scale: served to weigh powder using in prescriptions.

Mortar and pestle: served to grind ingredients or to mix pomades.

Spatula: To manupulate or to mix products.

Medicinal products: ingredients.


Remedies to treat leprosy
Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada


Chaulmoogra oil: this treatment under a liquid form was introduced by Dr. A.C, Smith in 1897. By 1914, this product became more refined. Its could be injected intramuscularly in dose of 2 to 4 ml. Secondary effects could not be tolerated by certain patients. However, health was improved for those who would receive the treatment.

Diason(abbott Cie)
Sodium sulforide 300mg
Dose: 300 to 900mg per day taken orally.
That treatment was introduced by Dr. A. Robichaud in 1947, at the lazaretto of Tracadie. That treatment was used at the Carville's (Louisiane, U.S.A) lazaretto with positive results. Following this treatment, treated patients could return to their families, but had to continue the treatment over a few years.

Bichloride of mercury: Tablets to dissolve with water, to obtain an antiseptic solution used to clear wounds and make dressings.


Receptacles for remedies
Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada


Receptacles for various liquid remedies

Funnel used to pour liquid into a bottle

Graduated cylinder, vessel to measure liquid

Recipes' book for remedies


French pottery circa XV11 century
Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada


Brought to Tracadie by the nuns in 1868. Used at the pharmacy by Sister Saint Jean de Goto to prepare the remedies.


Blue English pottery
Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada


Blue English pottery containers used to store powder products.