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George McIntosh was born on the family farm, south west of Avonlea in 1929. He attended Richburg School and still owns the land his grandfather homesteaded in 1910. In 1980, he was presented the 'Family Farm Heritage Award' for possessing land that has been continually operated by members of one family since homesteading. While on the farm, George remembers his mother raising over 2000 chickens and delivering eggs to the Avonlea, Moose Jaw and Regina areas.

In 1951, George started work at the Claybank Brick Plant. George's job was 'firing' the coal fired kilns, and in later years he helped weld the air and gas lines when the kilns were being converted over to natural gas. George remembers times when he had to walk to work, the roads were blocked so he hiked the seven miles through the hills, staying in the Boarding house for the remainder of the work week.

When the Plant experienced their annual 'summer shut down', George would work as a mechanic at Robertson's Garage in Avonlea. In the summer of 1961, he went to work for Westeel in Regina, returning to work at the Brick Plant that fall. In the early part of 1962, there was another temporary lay off, George quit the Plant and worked at Westeel for the next few years.

In 1967, George was hired by Simpsons in Regina, as Chief Engineer, he worked there until 1981. In 1982 and until his retirement in 1994, he worked for the Credit Union, travelling to their many banks in and around Regina, fixing furnaces, boilers or plumbing and doing general maintenance duties.

Over the years George took a number of courses, including welding, air conditioning, and also obtaining his Pressure Boiler Certificate, his 4th Class Engineers Certificate and Fireman's papers while working at the Brick Plant.

George married Selina James of Truax in 1967 and they lived in Regina throughout their married life while George worked at the Brick Plant.

Now, in his retirement years, George enjoys welding, working on the old farm house they own in Truax or visiting with old friends from the Brick Plant reminiscing about the 'good old days'.


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