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High River, Alberta

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Listen Up! Musical Memories of the Highwood
Location: High River, Alberta, Canada

Bill Holmes talks about going to amateur night shows at the Town Hall and Memorial Centre
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Mrs. McAllister's dance troupe: Ellen Hanson, Marg McAllister, Elva Rowland, Francis Cowley
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Program for dance recital by the pupils of H.L. Spankie
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Inside of the program for a dance recital by the pupils of H.L. Spankie
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Jack Pickersgill Jr. conducting High River junior boys brass band.
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Art Dee and the Jr. High School band on the High School stage.
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Senator Riley Junior Band, Art Dee conductor.
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High River Band, Conductor Art Dee
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Buck Smith's Stopping House
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High River Town Hall
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High River choral society members on the Opera House stage
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Student dance at the Town Hall
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Lane and Emerson Block
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Invitation to a social evening in the Saratoga Cafe
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The Saratoga Cafe
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Alberta Hotel
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Astoria Hotel
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Dining room in the Astoria Hotel
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