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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link

The last Kettle Valley Railway passenger train
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Kathleen Dewdney in the early days with her students at Ingram Mountain School
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Last KVR passenger train at Rock Creek Station
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CP Rail - a new corporate identity for the Canadian Pacific Railway
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A work train runs along the Kettle River
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Midway Station stands abandoned in this painting by F. Western Smith
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The present and the past - the  BC Provincial Museum Train visits Midway
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CP Rail Engines No. 8831, 8504 and 8489 on the Castlegar to Midway run
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A washout on the abandoned KVR line near Beaverdell
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Rails and ties lifted from the KVR line are being loaded to haul away
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Cattle drive along the KVR line
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Looking east from "Mile O" of the KVR: a final portrait of the station still in use
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Railway crew in the final days
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Last station crew at Midway, from left to right: Ned Consulo, Pete Hoosen and William Vanderburgh
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The last train to the Pope and Talbot sawmill
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The sound of the train whistle can be heard no more
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No one missed the emissions of an occasional poorly maintained engine
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"Here now stands entangled brush, where once steel wheels did roar and rush..."
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