Winterton Boat Building Museum
Winterton, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Traditional Boat Building of Winterton
Location: Winterton, Newfoundland, Canada

The government wharf and community stage.
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Silly Cove (Winterton) harbour and community
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Roaming horses
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Two boats almost completed
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Newfoundland folk song
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15 ' 10"  punt on the slipway. Built by Marcus French.
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Unloading fish from a punt
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Punts,trap skiffs, speed boats and a long liner at the Winterton government wharf.
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Boys sculling a punt
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A fisherman and his grandchildren enjoy a ride in his punt.
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Marcus French crossing the harbour in a rodney he built.
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Alfred Green cleaning turrs (sea birds), he shot from his bay punt.
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Built by Wilson, Hubert, and Charlie Reid, this completed trap skiff awaits an engine.
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Trap skiff hauling the cod trap
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A new trap skiff built for fisherman Tom Brinson.
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Uncle Alb Brown of Winterton with the schooner model he built.
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Longliners tied up at Winterton wharf
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E.J. Green's fish plant and wharf
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