Winterton Boat Building Museum
Winterton, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Traditional Boat Building of Winterton

A woman and child walk between two rows of flakes on Parrott's hill.
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Two boats almost completed
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Building schooners
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Schooner under construction
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E.J. Green's fish plant and wharf
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A large codfish
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Laying codfish on the flake to dry
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Lady sitting at the bottom of a fish flake ramp.
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Wilson Reid (left) and his brother Hubert (right) at Reid's saw mill
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Ralph Coates' sawmill
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Marcus French, a boatbuilder and fisherman, in his store with his partly completed rodney.
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Installing battens on the hull of a 32 foot trap skiff at Reid's Mill.
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Eleazor Reid planing a plank
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Boatbuilder, Ralph Coates, caulking his boat with oakum using a caulking iron and mallet.
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