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The "riot" was started when a likeable young local fellow perceived to be picked on for his behaviour and a group of his friends left a restaurant, after having had a few drinks, and started rocking a police car. The OPP and officials in charge overreacted and the "Riot Act" was read by the Justice of the Peace.

Two years later a similar event occurred when young people were trying to disrupt the community, but at this time the Sergeant in charge dealt with the matter in a non-confrontational but firm manner. He took control quickly by containing the crowd on Main Street, using tear gas to keep them from entering the side streets. He then told them to calm down or they'd be charged. He ordered them home or threatened to jail them.

Within a few years Grand Bend Council brought in a noise bylaw with a fine for disturbing the peace of the municipality and the young people have generally respected that bylaw.


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