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Grand Bend, Ontario

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The roots of the Lambton Heritage Museum are in the Peter Eisenbach Museum in Grand Bend. Peter Eisenbach (1891-1975) was a collector, in his own words, "of anything old." His museum began in the Presbyterian manse which was purchased from the church, in the early 1960s. The manse displayed period rooms. From the manse one could walk through the old barn and drive shed, set up as a 1800s general store. The next building showed farm tools, an antique hearse and a 1925 fire engine. Then there was a building full of farm implements and veterinary equipment. The final building was the Mary Ellen Memorial Chapel, built in memory of his wife. When his museum was filled to capacity, he partnered with another local collector, Fred Walden. The two partners encouraged Lambton County Council to build a museum near The Provincial Park. This came to a reality in 1978, under the name of Lambton Heritage Museum, the first curator being Robert Tremain.


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