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Sharon Johnson's AUDIO INTERVIEW of JOHN MANORE RE FISHING (1977) (spoken by Paul Janes and Paul Miller)
Question: What type of industry was carried on in Grand Bend?
Mr. Manore: The main industry was fishing which was done along the beach. My grandfather was one of the fishermen. There was also a lumber mill at the corner of River Road and Alberta Street. I can recall the logs floating down the river.

Question: What type of fishing did they do in the 1800's?
Mr. Manore: They did seine fishing, which is where they use large nets and walk along the shore line scooping up the fish. They packed them in barrels and boxes of ice and carried them to the fish house. Then they switched to pawn fishing which is similar to seine fishing but they use a flat bottom boat to go farther out into the lake. Now they use the gill fishing method.
Question: How is the gill fishing method done?
Mr. Manore: After the Cut was put through and the harbour was made to accommodate larger fishing boats, they would take gill nets sixteen to eighteen feet long, many miles out into the lake. They had buoys on the top and weights on the bottom of the nets. They set the nets one day and return the next to pick up the fish that are caught.
Question: How far up the beach did they do the fishing?
Mr. Manore: They did it from the Pinery all the way up the beach to the dance hall on the main street.


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