Heritage Park
Fort McMurray, Alberta

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Fort McMurray's School Stories




Real Martin
Interview conducted by Irwin Huberman for The Place We Call Home, in 1999.
Audio Clip from F2006.01.42

Irwin Huberman What are your earliest... I mean, you went to school here?
Real Martin Yeah.
Irwin Huberman What was going to school like here? You went to... you lived in McMurray, so...
Real Martin No, we lived down, right close to the sawmill.
Irwin Huberman Right. Okay.
Real Martin We had to walk...what, it would be about 2 miles, I guess, eh? ...to the old school.
Irwin Huberman Where was the school? Over by where Peter Pond is, or...?
Real Martin Uh, yeah, roughly in that area. They have a building in Heritage Park - a replica. It's not the same building, but it's as close as they could get to the information that Hughie and I gave... we're the only two left who went to that school. And, you know, details...
Irwin Huberman So you guys grew up... You know, he says he was busy, he went out with his step dad trapping, so he wasn't there - he was only here in the spring... in the school. But you were pretty well full time.
Real Martin I was at school full time.
Irwin Huberman Yup. Was everybody in the same room? It was one of those old-fashioned schoolhouses where everybody was...
Real Martin Yup. I was sitting near to the stove and I was cooking, and we had a heater, and Hughie - he was sitting in the corner and he was freezing!
Irwin Huberman Ha, ha! So you had the good spot?
Real Martin Well, I don't know. Ha, ha!


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