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Listen Up! Musical Memories of the Highwood



Don King's Memoirs - Radio

Our family radio was originally one which used earphones. I never saw the original set, but I heard about it when I was young we still had the headphones for it. Apparently when radio was young and growing, my parents could hang the earphones on the wall and the sound was loud enough for them to hear while sitting at the table. Of course there were only the local radio transmitters in Calgary, but this was enough for a start. The next radio to enter the family was a Brunswick floor model on turned spindle legs. I don't know when it was purchased but I do remember growing up with it. I can clearly remember having to reach up to touch the knob, then seeing the knobs face to face, and then having to reach down to turn them.

That radio lasted from my earliest memory until 1946 (I was twenty), when it was retired in favour of a modern table-top model in a brown Bakelite case. The old wooden-case floor model was taken down into the basement where Dad removed the working parts, separated the top from the bottom by taking out the side and front panels, lowered the top onto the base (on top of the legs) and created a beautiful little occasional table which mother used for a telephone stand.


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