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High River, Alberta

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Listen Up! Musical Memories of the Highwood
Hot Spot: Memorial Centre, High River

People square dancing in the Memorial Centre
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Teen Queen contestants and escorts lead the grand march at Teen Queen Ball in the Memorial Centre
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Teen Town Dancers
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Teen Town kids dancing
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Odette de Foras at the Memorial Centre
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Signed program for Music Makers third annual concert
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Robbie Burns Night.  Archie Hogg at the microphone.
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Guys and Dolls program
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The Music Man, Windmill Theatre Players
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Bill Holmes talks about going to amateur night shows at the Town Hall and Memorial Centre
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Recreation Hall, EFTS Flight Training Centre
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People square dancing in the banquet room of the Memorial Centre
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Singing on the Memorial Centre stage
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Friendship group kitchen band performs on Memorial Centre stage during a fashion show
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