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High River, Alberta

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Listen Up! Musical Memories of the Highwood
Hot Spot: Pickersgill

Andy Wallace, Jack Pickersgill Jr., and Jack Pickersgill Sr. receive long service metals.
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High River / Okotoks Band
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The Junior Boy's Band, Jack Pickersgill Jr. conductor
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Pickersgill's Orchestra: Jack and Ev Pickersgill, Bill Isaac, and Jake Berger
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Pickersgill's Orchestra: Pete and Jack Pickersgill, Dan Dale, Evelyn Pickersgill
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Pickersgill Orchestra
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The Amazing Foxtrot Band
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Two pipers and a drummer in Highland dress play with Pickersgill's orchestra.
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Peter Pickersgill remembers learning to play music
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Jack Pickersgill Jr. conducting High River junior boys brass band.
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