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The Cable Building Story
Hot Spot: Bay Roberts Harbour

Cable Ship Colonia in Bay Roberts Harbour in 1913 to lay the  No.1 Penzance (1PZ) cable.
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Manager Dunham, Western Union Telegraph Company.
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Cable Company superintendent's house under construction.
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Site of new Cable Station.
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Rear view of new Cable Station.
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Rear view of Staff House.
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Cable Avenue with newly planted chestnut trees.
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Cable Avenue with sidewalks.
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Western Union officials surveying possible site of cable landing in Beachy Cove.
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Cable ships Telconia and Colonia.
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CS Colonia lays new 'Permalloy' cable from Sennen Cove, Cornwall to Bay Roberts and on to New York.
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Harbour scene before 1925 addition to Station.
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Pulling transatlantic cable across Water Street to Cable Station.
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Cable Ship Cyrus Field with cable buoys to shore.
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