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Top Secret: The Lives of Employees at CFS Carp
Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum
Carp , Ontario


tonnes of concrete and office
space that was this Central
Emergency Government
Headquarters at CFS Carp.
   During its 33 year
operation, the Diefenbunker
was for many a place to work,
a place to socialize and a
place to live. Although many
of these employees say that

CFS Carp was originally an
intimidating posting, it is
fondly remembered by most as
having been their favorite
posting. The unique nature
and location of the
Diefenbunker united employees
and the strong sense of
community that existed within
the facility helped employees

to achieve a sense of
normalcy underground.
Although the intended purpose
of the Diefenbunker is of a
serious nature, the morale at
the Diefenbunker remained
high, and most interviewees
called it a great place to
   This exhibit will explore

the Diefenbunker as Canadian
Forces Station Carp, and the
day to day lives of the men
and women who served in this
important, top secret
underground communications
   Special thanks to: Doug
Beaton, Lara Lavelle, Katie
Balmer, David Pearson and all

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