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Keystone, The Centrepiece of the Breton Collection
Breton and District Historical Museum
Breton , Alberta


   This exhibit looks at the
founding of the Breton area
in south central Alberta
circa 1909. The area was
originally scouted and
settled by William Allan, an
African American who came to
Canada trying to escape the
institutionalized racism that
was being woven into the

fabric of the newly created
state of Oklahoma. Mr. Allan
was not alone. This was part
of a larger black migration
to Western Canada that the
Canadian government took
steps to stop. However, soon
other black pioneers joined
Mr. Allan, the Ramseys, the
Kings, and the Hayes; and

suddenly "Keystone" was born
and for a time, would become
the centerpiece of this small
   During the mid-1920s the
arrival of the Northwestern
Lacombe railroad brought
pioneers of many
nationalities to the region
and the town of Breton began.

The families of Keystone
established institutions like
the Funnell School, Good Hope
Baptist Church, a Post office
and the Keystone Cemetery.
The growth in the region
continued through the 1920s
but during the Depression,
taxes and the lack of jobs
made it hard to survive. Many

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