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The Life and Times of the One Room Schools in King Township, Ontario, Canada
King Township Museum
King City , Ontario


closer, other influences have
seen the decline of these
smaller hamlets and the local
one room school houses have
been closed. As time passed
many of these buildings were
neglected and eventually
demolished while others, with
their distinctive bell
towers, can still be

recognized as residences and
businesses across the
   By the 1950s when Highway
400, connecting Toronto to
Ontario’s ‘cottage county’
and the north, was
constructed and cut the
Township in half, the days of
the one room school house

were numbered. The
introduction of rural school
bussing resulted in school
closures as sites were
amalgamated for efficiency
and cost effectiveness.
   It is important at this
stage to document the rich
history and the influence
these schools played in the

development of King Township.
We are most grateful to the
many residents who over the
years have donated their
photographs, documents and
memoirs to the King Township
Museum and the King Township
Archives so that we can share
their story.

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