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The Legacy of Fort Point - Military Fortification, Light House and Tourism Haven
Trinity Museum
Trinity , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Come and explore the long
and varied history associated
with a piece of land at the
entrance to Trinity Harbour
in Newfoundland and Labrador
that was formerly named
Admiral’s Point and after
1812, Fort Point. A point of
land situated on the western
shore to the entrance of

Trinity Harbour which helps
protect the Harbour and makes
it one of the best “sailing
ship” havens in the world.
   By the mid-18th century,
Trinity Harbour was one of
the busiest shipping and most
important commercial ports
along the Atlantic. In 1746
the area was fortified with

three batteries mounting 18
guns, a store house, a powder
magazine, barracks for 224
soldiers and a pavilion for 9
officers, surrounded by
parapets and palisades. It
was a well-stocked military
site only at certain periods
of time, which left it
vulnerable and derelict, and

subject to a takeover in 1762
by the French that was short
lived but yet one that saw
the fort destroyed.
   Fort Point has a varied
history and this Community
Memories project will explore
it in detail from its
beginnings as a fishing
station to a military site

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