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Fort McMurray's School Stories
Heritage Park
Fort McMurray , Alberta


hopes to have similar, unique
experiences in the future.
   We hope you find this
exhibit interesting and
exciting. We hope you are
able to identify with some of
the people and events, and
enjoy the stories they have
to share.
   Thank you for your

interest in our Centennial
Anniversary Public School
Board virtual exhibit. Enjoy
your visit!

   Thank-you to the Fort
McMurray Historical Society
and Heritage Park for the
opportunity to create this
online exhibit for the
Virtual Museum of Canada!
Since moving out to Fort
McMurray to work on this
project, I have found a home

amongst my coworkers, whose
unfailing support,
encouragement, advice,
assistance, and friendship
has helped me find happiness
in this constantly fast-
paced, busy community!
   I would like to thank
Emma McDonald, Curator at
Heritage Park, for her

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