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Acadian Removal at Remsheg, August 15, 1755
Wallace and Area Museum
Wallace , Nova Scotia


Willard sent 40 soldiers to
the small village of Remsheg,
15 kilometres away to start
to carry out the orders. The
date was August 15, 1755.
   The object of this
project is to gather as much
information as possible about
the Remsheg Bay Acadians, in
order for people to learn the

story of this amazing group
of settlers. They came to a
difficult area of Nova Scotia
(Acadia) at a difficult time.
They brought with them their
music, their religion, their
work ethic, and their farming
methods and traditions. They
hoped to start a new life in
a land of abundance.

   War and politics made a
difficult life even more
difficult, eventually leading
to their removal and
   Nearly fifty years of
hard work was lost by a
military decree. A little
over ten years later the
Acadians were allowed to

return to their former land
but no one returned to
   Three hundred years later
the footprints of these hard
working people are nearly all
erased. Their system of
dyking and draining the land
had broken down years ago;
many parts are only visible

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