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The Leightons' Artistic Legacy
Leighton Art Centre
Calgary , Alberta


   "This being a truthful
account of a Journey made
into a pleasant but ruff
country by Barbaric and
Barbaric Ace" was how Barbara
Leighton's honeymoon journal
began. And so on June 4,
1931, she and her new
husband, A.C., started into
the wilderness of the Rocky

Mountains on the first of
many travels during their
thirty five year marriage.
Barbara and A.C. Leighton,
both born in Britain,
embraced their lives fully as
Canadian citizens, making
Alberta their home and
leaving remarkable
impressions on the people

they encountered. After
moving around the western
world for the majority of
their marriage, in 1955 the
Leightons purchased land just
south of Calgary, Alberta
where they built what would
be their final home. Here
they could enjoy the
inspiration of the Rocky

Mountains everyday in the
three hundred mile panorama
visible from their windows.
   According to her friends,
everything about Barbara
Leighton was big-especially
her laugh. It is said that
she held court in the little
red school house where art
and craft classes were held

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