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Ioco: Life in a Company Town
Port Moody Station Museum
Port Moody , British Columbia


closed the store, though the
Community Hall was used up to
the early 1990s. Ioco was
incorporated into the city of
Port Moody in 1992. The
remains of the townsite still
offer a unique look at Ioco
as it was originally laid
out. In 2002, the City of
Port Moody declared the

townsite a Heritage
Conservation Area. A
festival – ‘Ioco Ghost Town
Day’ – has been held annually
on the first Sunday of
October in commemoration.
   This exhibit explores the
Ioco townsite from the 1920s
to present day. Through
photographs, artifacts and

oral histories of past Ioco
residents, visitors are able
to enjoy a closer look into
the daily lives of those that
lived in a company town.
Specific events, people and
buildings that are important
to Ioco’s history are
featured, including images of
sports teams, homes,

churches, residents, wartime
and more to provide a
comprehensive understanding
of Ioco as a company town.
   Thanks to all that helped
and provided information for
the exhibit. There are still
a number of blank spots and
unidentified photos. If

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