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A Community At Work - the Tatamagouche Creamery & Dairy Industry
Sunrise Trail Museum
Tatamagouche , Nova Scotia


   The Tatamagouche Creamery
opened in 1925, and until it
closed in 1992 was a major
force in the community and
surrounding area. In the
1940s, the production of “The
Best Butter in the World”
reached one million pounds.
The cream was supplied by
some 1,200 small dairy farms

along the North Shore and its
hinterland: from Pugwash in
the west to River John in the
east. It was not easy for
these farmers, who relied on
their neighbours and the
community for help and
entertainment, but they
persevered until a variety of
economic factors changed

their lives for ever.
   The number of farms
declined, and today only one
small dairy farm remains.
The Scotsburn Dairy Group
bought the Creamery in 1968,
and on its closure the
Creamery was returned to the
village of Tatamagouche as a
heritage site. It was used

by the community for various
events, until funding for a
three part project was
obtained. Part one involved
the building of the now
successful Farmers' Market.
Part three will be the
development of the Performing
Arts Centre. Part two – the
result of federal, provincial

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