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Farming - A way of life in North Norfolk
Manitoba Agricultural Museum Inc.
Austin , Manitoba


   In the late 1800s, the
rich agricultural fields of
Manitoba's Central Plains
began to lure early settlers
west from the Red River
Valley, first to the area
around Portage la Prairie,
then to Gladstone and
Neepawa. In 1880 the first
settlers arrived in Austin

and the Municipality of North
   Not surprisingly, farming
was a way of life for these
early settlers, who arrived
fortified with a vision and a
tenacious desire to succeed.
This Community Memories
exhibit documents the history
of their efforts, in

particular the development of
farming practices that are
still used today.
   At first settlers farmed
their land with their bare
hands, but soon recruited
oxen and then horses as more
productive means. The steam
engines that became a
familiar sight on the

prairies and even the gas
engines that appeared in the
1910's never totally replaced
horses on the farms of North
Norfolk. Well into the
forties, many farmers
depended on their horses as a
cheap source of power. This
exhibit is richly documented
with archival pictures from

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