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Arrival of the Mounted Police
Fort Saskatchewan Museum & Historic Site
Fort Saskatchewan , Alberta


   In 1874, the North West
Mounted Police made their
incredible trek across the
prairies, where the main
force established Fort
Macleod. However, part of
this force was detached from
the main body at Roche Percée
and proceeded to the Hudson's
Bay post at Fort Edmonton,

where they wintered.
   The following spring they
moved about twenty miles down
the North Saskatchewan and
built "The Fort on the
Saskatchewan". The fort was
a haven for settlers during
the Riel Rebellion of 1885
and when "G" division of the
force was established, it was

the base for police patrols,
some of which extended into
the Arctic and Hudson Bay.
   This exhibit traces the
birth of the NWMP by an act
of Parliament in 1873,
through Roche Percée and up
to Edmonton and finally Fort
Saskatchewan. Several
personal anecdotes, stories

and facts that are not common
knowledge, have been
incorporated into this
exhibit. Fort Saskatchewan
is a city with a proud
heritage, one that we hope
you will enjoy.

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