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Listen Up! Musical Memories of the Highwood
Museum of the Highwood
High River , Alberta


was the fuel of patriotism,
with fundraising concerts and
dances for the cause
providing much needed
diversion for the folks at
home. When Edward, Prince of
Wales arrived at the train
station en route to his ranch
in the ’30s, he was serenaded
by the local brass band,

which had been a musical
fixture in High River since
the turn of the century.
   Music was also considered
an important element in every
child’s education and there
were many dedicated music
teachers in Highwood. During
the Depression, schools
played an even more important

part in musical education
because many families had to
sell or pawn their musical
   The advent of listening
and recording devices and
radio’s “music through the
air” forever changed the way
people enjoyed their music,
but the new technology did

not change the importance of
music to the Highwood
   This Community Memories
exhibit displays musical
instruments from the museum’s
collection, stories and
photographs of Highwood’s
musicians, and a display
portraying the evolution of

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