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Ingersoll's Mammoth Cheese and the History of Cheese Making in Oxford County
Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum
Ingersoll , Ontario


   A giant cheese. A 7,300
pound block of cheese. The
Mammoth Cheese of Oxford
County stood as a symbol of
Ingersoll, Ontario’s world
famous dairy and cheese
   This 7,300 pound block of
cheese was created in 1866 at
the James Harris Cheese

Factory, located where the
Elm Hurst Inn stands today on
Highway 19. The milk of 2,400
cows from more than 250 area
farms was needed to produce
35 tons of milk to make the
mammoth cheese.
   On August 23, 1866, after
being aged and cured for
three months, the 7,300 pound

block of cheese was paraded
through the streets of
Ingersoll to the train
station. The enormous cheese
travelled to the State Fair
in Saratoga, New York before
being shipped to and
showcased throughout England
and Europe.
   The Mammoth Cheese of

Oxford County was built as a
tribute to the growth of the
dairy and cheese industry in
Ingersoll, an industry that
had established the town as a
thriving commercial and
industrial base by the last
half of the 19th century. In
1977, Ingersoll erected a
more lasting tribute to its

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