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Hugh Cummings Photography Collection - Then & Now
Massey Area Museum
Massey , Ontario


Massey and District Museum's
time tunnel to compare life
on the north shore then and

   The Massey Area Museum
owes a very large debt of
gratitude to Hal Cummings,
who went through all of his
father's pictures and
submitted them to the museum
for this project. This
collection contains views of
logging, mining, farming,

social events, sports and
community scenes.
   This project would not
have been able to be
completed without the very
generous donation of time and
resources from the residents
of communities (Massey,
Webbwood, and
Walford)featured in this

project, and the tremendous
help (on her own time) of the
Massey Area Museum Curator,
Carolyn Hein .
   The pictures and text in
this collection have been
selected and reveiwed by
many community residents of
the Massey Area. The Museum
staff and board have tried

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