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Hugh Cummings Photography Collection - Then & Now
Massey Area Museum
Massey , Ontario


   Visitors to this exhibit
will travel along a time
tunnel of fascinating
photographs to see what life
looked like a century ago on
the north shore of Georgian
Bay, and how the community
has changed over 100 years.
   The photographs are the
work of Hugh Cummings, a son

of the Cummings family who
became an integral part of
the Massey community when
they moved from Michigan in
1898. Hugh, an amateur
photographer, opened a
photography studio in Massey
in 1907, the same year the
Massey Fair began. Although
Hugh was well known for his

photographs of the local
landscape, his studio became
popular with Massey area
residents who wanted to
record birthdays, weddings,
christenings and other
   Cumming's photography
shop has been reproduced in
the Massey and District

Museum, including the table
so familiar to many young
subjects and their doting
parents. Taking photographs
of family events was time
consuming, but Hugh found
time to record life beyond
the studio, offering many of
these scenes on postcards for
the general public.

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