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Bruce Aikenhead: A Canadian Space Pioneer
Okanagan Science Centre
Vernon , British Columbia


   Bruce Aikenhead is one of
the pioneers of the Canadian
aerospace industry with over
40 years’ experience in
aerospace engineering and
astronaut training
development. Aikenheads's
career as a systems engineer
led him to work on
illustrious projects such as

the Avro Arrow, NASA's
Project Mercury, and the
Canadarm for NASA's Space
Shuttle program.
Additionally, he served as a
project engineer for RCA's
ISIS-2 Ionosphere Research
Satellite, 'Hermes'
Communications Technology
Satellite and the High

Altitude Research Project
(HARP) at McGill University.
Aikenhead was integral in the
development of the Canadian
Astronaut Program, where he
served as Director-General.
Aikenhead was appointed an
Officer of the Order of
Canada for his contributions
to Canada's space program.

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