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Rosemary Eaton, An Activist for Heritage & Environment
Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum
Halifax , Nova Scotia


   There is at least one
person in every community and
that one is often the
catalyst who can make the
difference. In Cole Harbour
one of the most remarkable
was Rosemary Cassandra
Gilliat Eaton. When Rosemary
arrived in any place she
immediately immersed herself

in the local culture, the
natural environment and the
people. She arrived in Cole
Harbour in 1965 after a
career in photojournalism
that started in England, took
her the Ceylon and finally to
Canada. Here she first
settled in Ottawa and in the
early 1950s worked with the

likes of Malak Karsh and
other professional
photographers and
journalists. In the late
1950s and early 1960s
Rosemary went north. She
documented the infancy of
Inuit printmaking and
chronicled the lives of many
carvers and ordinary people.

   Rosemary and her husband,
Order of Canada recipient R.
Michael Eaton, moved to Nova
Scotia in February 1965. They
built a modest house on the
shores of Cole Harbour, part
of the old Bissett property
beside a cove that had once
seen boat building and a
ferry service. Immediately

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