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Resettlement - The Bay d'Espoir Experience
Milltown-Head Bay d'Espoir Museum
Milltown , Newfoundland and Labrador


   During the '60s and '70s
the face of the communities
of Milltown and Bay d'Espoir
of Newfoundland was
dramatically changed. The
influx of families from small
outlying settlements had a
lasting impact on the larger
places as well as on the
lives of the people who

   It began after the Second
World War. Women now did a
lot of the jobs that had
usually been done by men. It
was recognized that
transportation, isolation,
education and medical
conditions left a lot to be
desired. No longer did

families want to be isolated.
They wanted better
educational opportunities and
medical attention. Parents
realized that their children
had to be educated to face
the post war period.
Returning men had to fit back
in the community. Women had
a desire to work outside the

home and parents wanted a
better life for their
   Families began to move to
where they could still avail
of the fishing grounds. Many
went to work in the woods as
did the men who lived in Bay
D'Espoir. Families from
Grole, Pass Island,

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