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The JASCO Factory
Newcastle Village and District Historical Society
Newcastle , Ontario


   This exhibit shows the
transition of a factory from
1848 to 2013. The original
factory was built by Daniel
Massey in 1848 at the south-
west corner of Beaver and
King in Newcastle, Ontario.
Here, he started what
eventually became the largest
agricultural equipment

business in Canada, Massey
Manufacturing. In 1879, the
factory closed and Massey
Manufacturing moved to
Toronto. This company
eventually evolved into
Massey Harris. The factory
sat vacant for a number of
years until 1916 when James
Anderson Smith, a cabinet

maker, purchased the factory
and began building wooden
ammunition cases for the
First World War effort. After
the war, Smith used the
equipment there to build
wooden jewelry and silverware
cases. Over the years the
factory grew and in 1939 a
large addition was built onto

the south portion of the
original buildings. By the
1960s there were well over
100 full-time employees
working there. The factory
continued to be owned by the
same family until it closed
in 1990. At this time, with
the Free Trade Agreement, the
owners found that they could

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