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Medals, Trophies, and Ribbons! Oh My!!!
New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame
Fredericton , New Brunswick


   Medals, trophies, and
ribbons are traditionally
awarded as prizes to the
victorious in life, war and
sport. For athletes, these
awards are more than just
souvenirs of past victories:
rather, they commemorate
their skill, hard work, and
determination in competitions

across Canada and around the
   When awards are given
out, it seems an athlete's
personal achievement will
never be forgotten. But
sadly, as the decades pass,
the details of medal or
trophy winning events slip
away. All too often an

athlete's success is lost to
the sands of time.
   That is why medals,
ribbons and trophies are so
important: like a gravestone
which records the facts of a
person's life, these awards
often become the only
remaining physical evidence
of an athlete's record.

Created for the heroes and
heroines of the day, they
document the important
details of an award winning
event while recognizing the
substantial community and
business investment in sport.
Medals, trophies and ribbons
are also a reflection of the
views, fashions and

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