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Tenacity, the Story of Hedley, Then and Today
Hedley Heritage Museum
Hedley , British Columbia


the inhabitants of Hedley as
imaginative, tenacious and as
tough as the mountain they
were determined to triumph
over in order to secure their
   Hedley today is a vibrant
village with population
nearing three hundred,
including the Upper

Similkameen Indian Band, a
thriving community of 75 band
members. Every spring, Twenty
Mile Creek roars into the
Similkameen River, and rocks
still tumble into town from
Stemwinder and the Nickel
Plate, covering trails along
the creek and nearing homes -
reminders to townsfolk that

nature can only be
appreciated and not
   Now restored, the Mascot
Gold Mine buildings sit
perched in situ on Climax
Bluff above the Nickel Plate
Mountain, while the relics
and ruins of the stamp mill
leave a visual reminder of

Hedley's once golden and
bustling past.
   Hedley, then and today,
remains a continuation of
persistence and cooperation.
The population has ebbed and
flowed over its hundred
years; the mining economy is
now only a prospector's

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