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The American Connection
Lordly House Museum
Chester , Nova Scotia


   Beginning around the
1850s, well-to-do Americans
started visiting Chester. The
appeal of fresh air, good
fishing and hunting, and a
peaceful village away from
the bustle and fast-paced
life at home drew them to the
village. Add to that a bay,
claimed to be one of the best

and safest sailing areas in
Nova Scotia, and you have a
recipe for a successful
summer retreat. Some fell in
love here, some were married
here, and some even made
Chester their permanent home.
More than 150 years later,
their presence and influence
on Chester are still

substantial. Some families
are now into their fifth or
sixth generation as summer
   What follows are some
brief accounts, some in their
own words, of the people who
came, why they came, and why
many kept coming back. Over

time the summer residents
from the United.States and
beyond have developed a
unique relationship with
Chester. Many local residents
became adopted family
members, working for the same
family year after year.
Sometimes they visited with
the families in the United

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