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Keystone, The Centrepiece of the Breton Collection
Breton and District Historical Museum
Breton , Alberta


people were forced to leave
for the cities or other
   We will trace and explain
this black migration with
letters, photos, county
records and artifacts of
these early pioneers. A story
accompanies theses treasures
in the text boxes that will

tell of the triumphs and
hardships that they found in
their new homes. Keystone was
an early example of the
diversity that we now expect
in Canada but the origin of
the town of Breton is a
little known part of our
   Word Count: 263

   The Breton Museum would
like to thank all of the
people who helped make this
project possible. Starting
with the donors,
storytellers, and unknown
photographers of the material
presented. Our research and
writing team, Patricia

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