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Harbour Island (Then and Now)
Old Mill Heritage Centre
Kagawong , Ontario


   Harbour Island is a 30
acre island that was once a
playground for the rich and
famous. It is about 20 km
north of Kagawong Ontario on
Lake Huron just off of
Manitoulin Island. The 12
building yachting and fishing
resort celebrated its glory
days in the 1950s and 60s.

The resort began a steady
slow decline in the 1970s and
eventually closed down in the
early 1990s and was
abandoned. All of the docks
are gone, the buildings are
collapsing and the grounds
are completely covered by
poison ivy.
   Legend has it John Wayne

and Marilyn Monroe visited
the resort in the 1950s.
Singer Gene Autry spent time
on the island along with
heavyweight boxing champ Gene
Tuney. Prime Minister Lester
B. Pearson and other
important politicians from
both Canada and the United
States spent time there. In

addition, several business
organizations would hold
sales conventions at the
   Harbour Island is only
accessible by boat or plane.
When the resort was
operational, a generator was
needed to provide hydro.
Supplies would be brought

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