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Indiana: A Ghost Town of Haldimand County
Ruthven Park National Historic Site
Cayuga , Ontario


   Driving by Ruthven Park
National Historic Site today
you would never imagine that
there was once a thriving
community located on the
property. In fact, in the mid-
19th century, Indiana was the
largest industrial town in
Haldimand County.
   Indiana has been of

interest to the local
community, historians,
genealogists, archaeologists,
researchers and visitors to
the Ruthven property over the
past several years. More
recently, through
archaeological investigation,
closer examination of the
collection of Thompson papers

and ledgers, and genealogical
probing, further information
has been revealed which
provides a glimpse into the
daily lives of the residents
who once lived in and around
the town.
   Why a ghost town? Over
time Indiana was abandoned.
However, there are

substantial remains left
today that are visible and
have been recorded or
excavated through archaeology
that proves that it once
existed. The few standing
remnants of the original town
include a Catholic cemetery,
an 1830s house and a few
streets on the Ruthven

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