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We Remember: Gaspesian Youth Explore their Military Heritage
Bay Chaleur Military Museum
New Richmond , Quebec


   This virtual exhibit gives
a voice to Gaspesian youth,
allowing them to explore,
take pride in, and express
their military heritage.
Working with the students and
staff from New Richmond High
School in New Richmond,
Quebec (Grades 3-8) the Bay
Chaleur Military Museum has

run three educational
programs to help students
explore their military
heritage (the Finding
Treasures Project, and
Honouring our Fallen Soldiers
which was run as a poetry
unit and a research / letter
writing unit). This exhibit
features the student work

created while exploring these
themes and each theme forms
the basis for a storyline.
   The Finding Treasures
project was developed to help
bring local military history
alive for the participating
students. To introduce this
project, the Bay Chaleur
Military Museum brought

twelve artefacts into the
classroom and challenged
students to discover the
story behind the object.
Students were divided into
groups and each assigned an
object. They were allowed to
ask three questions and were
given a short time to
research their artefact on-

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