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Follow the guide! Abenakis guides in private hunting and fishing clubs of Mauricie.
Musée des Abénakis
Odanak , Quebec


   In the 19th century, it
became increasingly difficult
for the Abenakis to live from
their hunting, fishing and
trapping. This traditional
way of life was threatened by
colonization and the
emergence of the forest
industry. In order to
survive, the Abenakis had to

find other activities.
   The sale of handicraft
products, especially weaving,
became a very important
aspect of the economy of the
village of Odanak. Numerous
men became involved in ash
tree transformation and women
weavers made baskets that
were sold in the United

States. The scope of this
lucrative commercial trade
prompted the American
government to impose customs
duties on Natives crossing
the border to sell their
products. Once again, the
Abenakis must adapt and
diversify their economic

   In 1885, a provincial law
governing the creation of
hunting and fishing clubs is
enacted, and large parts of
ancient Abenakis hunting
territories are sold or
rented. The men of Odanak see
this as an opportunity to
find work. Their expertise in
hunting and fishing and their

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